From Church Partners

Working alongside ARA is like being dropped into the book of Acts. I have been in pastoral ministry for four decades and itinerantly served in many mission fields, but my ministry alongside Africans Reaching Africa was unique. Their ministry is unique. They are evangelizing unreached people groups, people who have never even heard the name, “Jesus,” and are establishing churches where no church has ever existed. And they are seeing truly miraculous, dare I say, supernatural results. Nothing about their ministry is redundant to Western Hemisphere ministry. As far as I know, they are doing what no one else is doing: for the sake of the Gospel, for the salvific benefit of humanity, for the fame and eternal glory of Jesus’s name. Our church body is privileged to be co-laborers with Africans Reaching Africa.


Pastor Reggie Weems

Heritage Baptist Church

Johnson City, TN

I am thankful to the Lord for the partnership between my church and ARA.  We have supported the ministry through prayer, financially and through fundraising events over the years, but also through training candidates.  I have been to Africa twice to participate in training and both times have left transformed from the time spent with the precious candidates and their families.  Both times I came home motivated to challenge my church to deepen our partnership with ARA.  The reality of real people doing real missions work in real places where the Gospel has never been is understood in a powerful way when working with the candidates, praying with them and worshiping with them.  Both times I went to Africa with ARA have been an investment in my own walk with Christ as I have received more than I have been able to give.  I have felt unworthy to be their teacher but blessed for the opportunity to share time and space with the most authentic servants of God I have ever encountered.


Pastor Mike Vandermeir

Community Baptist Church

Elk Grove Village, IL

In 1900 there were about 9 million Christians throughout the continent of Africa. Today there are over 500 million! Much of this growth, especially in recent years, has not been due to missionaries from other continents, but rather from Africans reaching their fellow Africans. Increasingly, they are doing their part to fulfill the Great Commission. Yet most of this growth has happened in countries that already have a significant Gospel witness. Bill and Jen of ARA have a vision for partnering with African pastors to reach the unreached peoples of Africa. African pastors adapt quickly to the new cultural context, learning the local language with relative ease. In short, they are more effective than western missionaries, and for a fraction of the cost. In the winter of 2020, I had the privilege of training a number of these pastors and their wives. What they lack in formal theological training they make up in zeal, faith, and a commitment to suffer for the Gospel. While I was training them in theology and practical ministry skills, they inspired me to be more committed as a disciple of Jesus Christ. I was particularly moved by the way some of them were literally putting their lives on the line for the Gospel. I felt unworthy to be in their presence.


Senior Pastor Rev. Dr. David W. Jones

Village Church of Barrington

Barrington, IL

There are many mission organizations worldwide, but few do what ARA attempts to do. With a singular focus on reaching the unreached, Billy and Jen have led these efforts to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to some of the most challenging and often dangerous places to reach. I had the privilege of doing some training for these courageous missionaries. However, I left Africa feeling like I was the one trained, learning deeply about prayer, faith, and commitment to the gospel. ARA reproduces kingdom-minded followers of Christ living out the great commission of Jesus to make disciples of the nations. Our church is thankful that we can be part of a global movement to bring the gospel to the world.


Pastor Mohan Zachariah

CityLine Bible Church

Niles, IL